We differentiated with our corporate structure, youthful mindset, innovation, approach to technology, production and results, specializing in Plastic Molding, Plastic Injection Printing and Steel Wire Plastic Security Seals. Within the framework of our short-term planning; we reinterpreted the security seals that were primarily in use. We redesigned the safety seals completely closed to manipulations, traceable, and able to store information with identity based on the unique working principles as the global manufacturers have never tried before. We became the "preferred brand" since we differentiated our products.

The cooperation we have made with universities, which has been continuing since the day we were founded, has formed our R&D and Innovation model. We have determined the field and our customers as our guides and partners, while aiming to reach the perfect product by correctly interpreting customer demands with our production processes defined according to the project.



We provide consultancy services on plastic, plastic molding and plastic injection in terms of project design, modeling, cost/time management and technical knowledge. We guide you with our solutions for maximum benefit, maximum performance and minimum cost calculation.

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